The Top Underrated Cities In The World To Experience

The entire world is accessible today and it is one big massive exploration for the curious traveler who wants to experience as much of the planet earth as possible. There are the usually hedonistic tourist hot spots, the infamous hideout locations and the notoriously bad kept secrets of best places to holiday at. However, there are also underrated cities; locations that many do not feel the need to go to, to experience and to live in. Here are some of the most underrated cities in the world. 

Porto in Portugal  

This city in Portugal has always lived in the shadow of glitzy Lisbon but it is in fact the pauper to the price of Lisbon and has its equal measure of beauty and highlights. There is also a beautiful cultural undertone here that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. If you can make an Hunghom accommodation booking online for a few days here, you will be able to experience the Ribeira district of the city that is posed quite elegantly along the banks of the River Douro which is considered one of the best sights that the city has to offer. There are a wide variety of beaches, museums and even loads of pubs, bars and eateries that you can really have some fun with.  

Essaouira in Morocco 

Marrakech is the most infamous and intensely visited city of beautiful Morocco. However the destination of Essaouira is a beautiful location that many completely dismiss or have simply not heard about. There are some great Tsim Sha Tsui luxury hotel deals in the city that will allow you to experience the vibrant history, beautiful Moroccan coast, natural treasures and a tranquil ambiance that you will carry with you forever. Kite surfing has made the location somewhat known though in the recent few years and so has the popular Game of Thrones TV series where the city was used as the set for the third season. The people here are friendly and have as mile upon their face always while the aroma of delicious food and drink will always keep your appetite going. Surfers, beaches, camels on the beach, walled cities, color and life will come into a beautiful collision here that will have you absolutely spellbound.  

Dhaka in Bangladesh  

Yes, the first reaction would most probably be’ you cannot be serious’ but, this city too, despite the throngs of poverty that grip it and the impending loom of natural disasters, have a lot to offer when all is safe. The beautiful Ganges River that flows through the city known as the ‘City of Mosques’ is one that is probably one of the least popular destination on the entire planet. The beautiful natural scenery, landscapes, vegetation, people, culture, food and lifestyle of the locals are just a handful of things that you can watch and enjoy while here.