Installation And Maintenance Of Versatile Sports Surfaces

Sports activities are conducted on specially maintained playgrounds or surfaces. Different types of sports have varying surface requirements. Conventional sports tracks and grounds were made using clay or cinder. But with the passage of time, various types of synthetic surfaces were introduced that offered a more compatible solution. These kinds of surfaces are more comfortable for the sportsmen and athletes. Over the years, several manufacturers and brands came into this industry and they contributed their efforts in developing more innovative, slip resistant and user-friendly turfs and tracks. Fewer maintenance requirements and weatherproof qualities are some of the popular features that have encouraged sports organizations to replace all their natural surfaces and tracks with synthetic ones. Listed below are a few examples of popular sports surfaces that are manufactured artificially. 

Synthetic turfs 

In the early days, most of the sports like football and hockey were conducted on lawns. This kind of turfs had closely mowed grass. Lots of efforts were taken in creating such lawns that had a fully-leveled surface of the grass. Although such grass lawns were quite beautiful and naturally cozy, they suffered from a major drawback. Whenever it rained the lawns turned all muddy and slippery. And this forced the players to stop their sporting activity for the rest of the day. As a permanent solution to this problem, synthetic turfs were invented. They are made of various waterproof materials like polypropylene, polyester, nylon, plastic, jute etc. Over the years, synthetic turfs have evolved in various ways and the best ones can be used throughout the year without any kind of serious maintenance. If you want a sturdy and all-season sports lawn you can definitely try installing a 3G or sports surfaces hk. They are best suited for sports facilities that are subject to heavy use throughout the year. 

Synthetic tracks 

Running tracks are made of customized surface systems that offer maximum skid resistance to the athletes. PUR coating is the major ingredient that is used for designing modern running tracks. A prefabricated base mat is installed before fixing the actual track. 

Indoor sports and fitness floorboards 

For indoor sports facilities like sports halls and gymnasiums, a special type of floors made of seamless elastic is used. Polyurethane is a common material used for designing the floors at indoor sports facilities. For fitness centers, the nature of the surface required depends on the type of fitness activities undertaken. For facilities like ice arenas and fitness centers, different types of rubber gym flooring are used. Various types of colors and textures are available in this category and they are designed to offer a moderate level of elasticity that makes it feel more comfortable than the conventional floors.