3 Factors To Consider If You Pursue A Career In Event Planning

The special events industry in America is estimated at $500 billion according to recent reports and is continuing to grow. It is one of the most highly demanded professions as it requires planning out social events for corporations, hotels, cruise lines, private parties and so much more. Becoming a certified event planner requires hard work, dedication and of course creativity. Follow the steps given below to understand what criteria are needed in order to make it big in the event planning industry. 

Decide on your niche 

You must decide on your niche as event planning can fall in to many categories too. You can be known as a generalist event planner where you will take in events of any kind or you can specialize in certain types of events such as corporate events or wedding receptions to name a few. There are CPD courses that can help you in gathering knowledge in various fields of administration, project coordination. Specialization will earn you expertise in one particular field whereas a generalized approach will give you a selection of events to choose from. Regardless of the field you choose, it is important to enjoy what you do and be able to distinguish yourself from other planners. How unique you are will be one of the driving forces in becoming a renowned event planner. 

Visit trade shows 

Trade shows and conferences are imperative industry gatherings that feature information on the field of event planning and any other CPD HK related work needed for you to pursue your career. These venues are also excellent places to meet likeminded professionals and industry experts for you to network with. This will also help you decide on which area you would like to pursue your career on specifically.  

Understand your duties 

The next important factor is to understand what your role and duties as an event planner would be. Apart from certifications, it is also important to have excellent interpersonal skills as one of your core activities would entail talking, negotiating with caterers, hotels, entertainers and decorators. You will also be responsible for creating lists of guests, designing invitations and any other task that involves making the event a success. You will be expected to design and run the event from start to finish and while some clients will give you the necessary support, you must be prepared to work on your own when some clients leave most of the designing and planning aspects in your hands. It is vital in this case for you to understand client’s requirements with minimal information yet do a great job at the end of the day!